Nursing Home #1

There were all these cute little old people in a nursing home.

There was one man and a woman that had sort of become a couple and every day after lunch, Sara would wait for Joe and they would walk over to sit under the apple tree. And every day while sitting together under the apple tree, Sara would put her hand down Joe's pants for a while and everyone was happy.

Then, one day Sara waited for Joe after lunch as usual and he never showed up. Sara waited for a while and then went to her room. The next day the same thing happened. The third day when Joe didn't show up, Sara walked over to the apple tree and saw Joe sitting with another lady and this new lady had her hand down Joe's pants.

Well! Sara went over to the two and started hollering and scared the new lady off then Sara looked at Joe and said, "Joe, why would you dump me for her? What does she got that I haven't got"?

Joe smiled sheepishly and replied, "Parkenson's Disease".