Blonde Jokes

There were 3 blondes who found a jeanie. He granted each of them a wish. The first wished she was 50% smarter - poof she's a BRUNETTE, the second wished she was 25% smarter - poof she's a REDHEAD, the third wished she was 50% dumber - poof she's a BLOND MAN. Two blonds were walking through the woods and they came to some tracks. The first blond said "These look like deer tracks," and the other one said, "No, they look like moose tracks." They argued and argued for a while and they were still arguing when the train hit them. Q. What do turtls and blondes have in common?

A. When they are on their back, they are both fucked! Two blondes are walking in the woods when one looks down and says," Look dog poop" The other bends down and smells it," Smells like dog poop" They both stick there fingers in it"feels like dog poop" They taste it" Taste like dog poop" One says to the other "Sure glad we didin't step in it."